50 Shades of Grey Review

Like most others, part of my Valentines Day was seeing 50 Shades of Grey!

I thought it was very well suited for the type of day it was and coupled with the fact that I have been desperate to see it since I saw the trailer a couple of months ago.

There has been some serious mixed reviews on the film, but I thought it was tastefully done.

A book that could technically be classed as porn, gives you a little insight into how the other half could live. Alright at points it is a little extreme, but what book would be interesting if it didn’t delve a little deeper?

My opinion? It’s exciting and nothing like I’ve ever watched before at the cinema. The characters are built up well and the poor language that is often used in the book is barely seen in the film. The director has tried to properly tell the love story between the two characters instead of just focusing on the steamy erotica that the book repeats.

The characters, act well and Dakota Johnson’s girl next door look fits the role perfectly. Some critics have written some pretty awful reviews on how there was so chemistry between the two but they seem to do pretty well compared to the fact that they probably had 100 film crew watching.

However, I maybe be slightly biased. I am a big Jamie Dornan fan. I think he is an incredible model and when he started acting it just set him on a different level.

The series that got me hooked on Jamie Dornan was The Fall. If you haven’t seen it already then it is a must see. It was a BBC 2 series and he plays a serial killer and he does a stunning job at it. Have a look at the trailer:

BBC went onto make two seasons where it was still left on a cliffhanger and a promising option of a third series. The two different roles from The Fall to 50 Shades shows that he isn’t just a pretty face. But definitely looks better with a beard!

The only bad thing I would say about 50 shades? The need for Rita Ora to be in it is pointless. She has 30 seconds of screen time where she mumbles a couple of words that probably aren’t even relevant to the film at all.

If you haven’t already seen it then you MUST. Even if it’s to slate my review as you may disagree. I think people are always going to have negative reviews on everything. From what I’ve seen the film is set to make millions and after only 3 days in the cinema it has generated $81.67 million. So no matter what people think of it, they are going to see it..


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