Dinner Party Nibbles

The best part about a dinner party is… hosting!

This dinner party wasn’t completely hosted by me but I played a big part in the prep and cooking. I always think the hardest bit is trying to work out what to cook? You need something for vegetarians, meat eaters and then there is the picky people.

So here are some of the stuff that I created for our dinner party. They are only a few nibbles and starters but its all pretty simple stuff, whilst showing that you’ve made a bit of effort.

The first thing I made was goats cheese and artichoke brushchetta.


All you need is:

Sough dough bread

Goats cheese

Grilled artichokes



Olive oil

Start by heating your oven to about 180 degrees. You then need to slice your sourdough loaf, not too thin though.


Then cut off your crusts.


Now slice your pieces of bread into little triangles. You don’t want anything too big but bitesize.


Now get a baking tray or a muffin tin try and place your pieces of bread inside and baste with a little olive oil.



This will make your bread crispy and give it a bit of texture. Then pop them in the oven for around 5-7 minutes and leave to cool once they are finished baking.

Whilst your bread is in the oven I would start chopping your artichoke hearts. I cheated on this part and just bought some already cooked from Marks and Spencer’s but they went down a treat. Artichoke hearts are also a massive pain in the arse to cook, so save yourself a bit of time.

Now top your brushchetta with a bit of goats cheese and then a piece of artichoke.



Place on your platter and sprinkle fresh rocket around the outside. For the final touch you can add a dollop of pesto. I split mine and left some plain just incase some people didn’t fancy it.



My other starter that I made was pear wrapped in parma ham and goats cheese – they were pretty screwed if they hated goats cheese!

This was my favourite one and it went down a treat! The pear really added a lot of flavour with the salty parma ham.

These don’t need any cooking so they are pretty easy going – just a bit of prep.

All you need is:


Parma ham

Goats cheese


Cocktail sticks


Start by prepping your pears. Cut them into quarters and then split again. Make sure you remove the core as well.


Place a piece of parma ham under your slice of pear.


Then a piece of goats cheese either side


Chuck some rocket in there and then literally fold. Take your cocktail stick and make sure you pierce it the whole way through.




Easy as that!!

Two starters that don’t break the bank and take up your time.

All in all the dinner party was a success and everyone told me how much they loved the food.

Here’s a little look and some of the other stuff we served.











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