Sprouts and Bacon Pasta

You must be thinking ewwww… but you really can’t knock it before you try it.

This recipe is a steal from my dad. Until I moved back to London I had never had this before, ever! And it does seem like a bit of an odd combination.

First things first you do obviously have to like sprouts. If you aren’t a sprouts fan then sorry guys maybe this isn’t for you.. but give it a try anyway?

I’ve made this a couple of times for different people and it always goes down a treat!

It’s pretty simple, all you need is:

Brussel Sprouts

Bacon Lardons


Olive Oil

Creme Fraiche





Step one – Start by putting your lardons onto a baking tray and cover in olive oil. Pop them in the oven on 180 degrees. Then leave them to crisp up for around 15-20 minutes.

Step two – Put your pasta on to boil and fill a frying pan with a tablespoon of oil. For this part you want to turn the heat down a little. Nothing too hot otherwise you will burn the sprouts before they are even cooked.

What you want to do is sweat out the sprouts. Whilst they are in the oil it will give them a bit more flavour rather than just steaming them.



You can either cut your sprouts in half and then shred the other half, choose whatever you fancy. If you are cutting up the sprouts quite finely then remember they wont take very long to cook.

Cover with a lid and let them sweat.


Turn them every couple of minutes to make sure they aren’t burning.


They will take around 15 minutes but it depends if you want a bit of crunch to them or not.

Keep checking the bacon lardons and once they are done take them out.

Drain your pasta and then start plating up. It’s as easy at that.

Pasta first, then bacon and sprouts. As a finishing touch so it isn’t too dry add a couple of dollops of creme fraiche.





In my book it’s the best thing ever! The bacon is extra salty and it’s not even bad for you. Perfect if you’re craving carbs but you still want to try and remain on your ‘diet’.

My posts recently have mainly been focused around food and cooking. I’ve desperately been trying to save over the last couple of months so I haven’t had any fancy days out to blog on. But just you wait another 3 weeks and you’ll be bombarded with them.


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