Anonymous/Kanye West

If you haven’t seen it already then I’m sure you will of heard about it.

Anonymous has released a scathing attack on Kanye West and his terrible attitude and ego.

Some may see it as a controversial topic but I think for a long time everyone has seen it coming. This isn’t a case of the newpapers reporting on any rubbish that they can find on him, this guy actually comes out with all this crap. Straight from the horses mouth and he’s pretty proud of it.

As you can probably guess already I don’t have a high opinion of Kayne. I used to buy his music and enjoyed what he wrote but over the last couple of years his ego has surfaced more and more and I refuse to buy his stuff now.

Not just that jumping from music producer/singer/rapper/fashion designer – i mean pick one?! I’m not one to put someone down for having big dreams and sticking their fingers in all the pies but seriously?! Have you seen his clothing line?!

And don’t even get me started on his wife.. Using her body and a sex video to get where she is now? And I dread to think if it’s even true what people say about her own mum releasing the video, because that’s even more sickening. But then again you shouldn’t believe everything the papers tell you.

The video talks about encouraging sex and promoting your body to the world leaving your morals to one side. The celebrity world isn’t short on people doing it but it doesn’t mean it’s right. This doesn’t just apply to Kim Kardashian, it applies to Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and the long list of other people. But hey sex sells right?!

The video can be seen to go a little too far when mentioning his dead mother but I’m sure people can see the point they are making.You can’t call yourself one thing and then go on to rant about something else. It’s called being a hypoctire and that might sound pretty condescending but I think he can be as well.

But at the end of the day this is exactly what he wants, he wants publicity and fame and this is the perfect example of it. Writing a blog post or article about him or publishing his picture in the paper will only increase that. It gets people talking, even if they don’t like him.

Let me know your views on him – it seems there is plenty of mixed feeling around the guy. Both positive and negative.

For those of you that haven’t seem it already – here it is:


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