The Hangover Helper

Sometimes a Sunday morning can be a struggle, even worse with a hangover.

This recipe is the perfect dip and share hangover cure. It’s easy, doesn’t take very long and full of naughty and nice things that is gunna knock that hangover into next week.

All you need is:


Can of tinned tomatoes


Feta Cheese





Fresh bread

It’s the perfect breakfast because most of things you may already have in your cupboard or fridge!

Start by chopping your peppers, tomatoes and chorizo. Put your chorizo into a small frying pan and cook on a low heat. Add a little garlic to give it some more flavouring.

You now need an average size frying pan. Transfer your chorizo into the frying pan and put on a medium heat.

Add your fresh tomatoes, peppers and tinned tomatoes.


As you can probably guess, I was very hungover when I made this ages ago. Therefore I am lacking a lot of pictures! You’re imagination will have to do for the time being with this one.

Now you can add any spices you want, chilli, paprika, more garlic. Then season well.

Leave it to bubble a bit to get rid of some of the liquid.

Then crack two or three eggs on top. They will naturally poach in your tomato base.

Whilst you are waiting pop your bread on to toast – warm fresh bread is the best so maybe pick something like a sour dough loaf? That’s my favouriteeeee!!

Finally crumble some feta cheese of the top and let it melt a bit before serving.


And you’re done. It’s as easy as that. Everything in one pan and barely any washing up!








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